Never lose another opportunity to serve your clients 24/7/365?

Tuesday night, 5:01pm.  Your company’s receptionist is cleaning off her desk and turning off her computer.  Like clockwork, she puts the phones on some sort of answering machine, clocks out and walks out the backdoor to her car.  While she’s doing exactly as her job description asks, haven’t you ever wondered how many clients are trying to reach your company while you’re gone?  Whether it’s an existing client or someone trying to give you NEW business, why miss the opportunity to exceed their expectations?   

The solution you ask?  Well, there’s nothing like hearing the voice of a real human on the other end of the phone, willing and able to offer assistance your client or perspective clients regardless of what time they call. Don’t lose sight of the cost effectiveness and value a Call Center can bring to your company. 

Whether it is during office hours, simply just when staff is unable to answer calls after-hours, or 24 hours a day, having a Call Center on your team puts you above your competition. 

It only takes ONE call for any company to feel the benefit of having a dependable company looking after your phones while you and your staff enjoy the downtime in the evening.  

A few benefits of having a Call Center on your team include:

  1. Cost effectiveness.  Solutions start as low as $65 per month.  No long-term contracts allows you to adjust your business needs at any time.
  2. All calls are digitally recorded for accuracy and training purposes which makes it easy to make sure our staff is providing only the best customer service. 
  3. Rather than paying an entire staff to handle your large volume of calls, only pay for what you use with a Call Center and have the benefit of someone there 24 hours a day.
  4. Our Call Center uses a translation service with over 140 different languages.  Ever thought of the expanding your business into other markets?  This could be the solution.
  5. Receive your messages via email, fax or text. Better yet, we can actually connect the caller with you if the matter is that urgent. 

Contact us today at (559) 228-6140.and let us customize a solution for you!