How to create a promotional flier for an event

The best way to get people into seats for a fundraiser of any sorts is to get them interested. It’s not tough, and there are many ways to create a great flier or handbill that will do the trick perfectly. But often, fliers lack information or are confusing because they’re too tightly packed with information. This can turn potential attendees off and cost an organization potential revenue.

One rule to follow: keep it simple.

Here is a list of other tips to consider:
• Include the time, date and location of the event.
• Include what the event costs those who you want to attend.
• Include how to register for the event.
• Include directions. Better yet, include a map.
• Make sure to include who the event is benefiting up high. It often tells “Why should I attend?”
• Take into consideration a theme and colors. Incorporate those from the event into the flier.
• Make sure the text flows and is easy to read. Short snappy sentences beat out long-windedness.
• Keep it colorful and fun, depending on the event, of course.
• If there is a speaker? Include some basic background of general interest and avoid long bios.
• Proof read, proof read, proof read.
• Include a Web site, email address and phone number for more information.

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