How to launch an effective social media campaign

There’s no single strategy to bringing customers to your door via the World Wide Web – unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.

For the rest of us, building an online presence requires perseverance, content and multiple connections with many other sites. The best sites draw unique visitors who stick around and don’t “bounce” or leave your website. They draw from multiple search engines by people who use many different key words and like to view more than just the cover page.

Here are a few tips and strategies to pursue:
• Open a twitter account.
• Open a Facebook account.
• Use them, a lot.
• Find friends and more friends.
• Expect to put many hours into the project.
• Blog regularly.
• Interact with others, especially in your sector. Build connections.
• Get other bloggers to post on your site.
• Monitor your progress through Google Analytics.
• Try new things.
• Watch others in your industry or sector.

Here are a couple of helpful sites. This one at features digital marketer and author Brian Solis This one on is from Jay Adams

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