How to offer proper telephone etiquette

“Good manners are good for business, while great manners can set you apart,” says

Generally, a caller can quickly tell if the person on the other line is going to be friendly or rude.  It's all in the tone and energy of the voice that can make a caller think the person they're calling would rather be doing something else, or simply hates their job. So be pleasant and friendly. Make the caller happy he or she called.

Here is a list of basic tips for how to act on a phone call. It’s from the Professional Exchange vaults, and we know our business.
• Answer within three rings.
• Have a system for handling and routing calls. Delay can cost clients.
• Use a professional, pleasant, friendly manner when answering.
• Smile when you pick up the receiver.
• Identify yourself.
• Greet the speaker with his or her name.
• If you are speaking with somebody for the first time, ask the speaker the spelling of his or her name, company name and any other proper name or address you don’t know.
• Repeat back all the information to ensure it’s correct.