Lunchtime at the Telephone Exchange gets busy

PESC Exchange Answering Service, Fresno, CA

When many are contemplating what to order for lunch or unwrapping that peanut-butter sandwich, the staff of the Telephone Exchange are getting ready for the busiest part of their day.

“The call volume starts picking up around 11:40 a.m. and continues to around 1:30 p.m.,” said an Exchange operator. “About 5 p.m., when offices close, it starts all over again.”


The Exchange serves many medical and law offices. When the receptionist leaves for lunch or for the day, he or she signs over the phone answering duties to the Exchange’s bank of operators.


Operator's answer callers’ questions, take messages and even track down doctors when there’s an emergency. No task is too daunting. Some employees have been at the Exchange for more than 20 years. They mentor new operators, take tough calls and provide a wealth of institutional experience that clients count on.


The Telephone Exchange serves about 800 clients from medical and law offices to plumbing and pool services and government agencies. For more information, call (559) 244-2523.