Physicians Directory

Physicians Directory

Every year since 1995, Professional Exchange Service Corporation (PESC) has produced an annual Physicians Directory. The Directory lists all practicing physicians in Fresno and Madera Counties. Listings include doctors' names, office addresses, phone numbers, optional FAX and backline numbers, Email addresses, medical license and UPIN numbers, specialty and board certifications, medical colleges and years of graduation, and National Provider Identifier (NPI numbers). The Directory also includes listings of hospitals, pharmacies, oral surgeons, podiatrists, and other ancillary health care providers.

Directory listings are free of charge. In the fall, PESC asks doctors to verify their listings. Regardless, PESC assumes no liability for any omissions, typographical errors, or inaccurate listings.

Directories can be purchased and are available on a first come, first served basis. Payment is required in advance. PESC does not sell the Directory in an electronic format. PESC may sell mailing labels to physicians and other healthcare professionals to help them notify the medical community of office relocations.

Doctors and hospitals refer to these Directories year round. This makes the Directory a prime place for display advertising. We hope you’ll advertise your business or service in the Directory.

To insure delivery, Directories must be ordered by the deadline specified. It is expensive to print and bind the Directories so fewer than 30 extra copies are ordered each year. These extra copies sell out within 30 days of the Directory’s release date. It is cost prohibitive to reprint additional copies of the Directory so place your order in advance to insure you get the number of copies you want.

To order copies of the Directory, make checks payable to PESC and return with the enclosed order form.

Physicians Directory Costs
Directory Cost: $30 apiece, payable in advance.

Full-page display ad: $500/page 
Half-page display ad: $350/page

A limited number of 2012 Directories are still available, contact us for details.

2013 Physicians Directory Deadlines 
Updates to Directory listings: due by September 30, 2012
Camera-ready art for display advertising: due by September 30, 2012 
Directory orders: due by November 30, 2012              
Delivery of Directories: by January 31, 2013