Medical Answering Service

We specialize in answering services for the medical community. Some unique features of our service include:

  • High-priority doctor lines that are answered within 2 to 3 rings. This allows doctors to reach hospitals, patients, and other medical providers quickly and easily.
  • Digital and audio record of all calls. Records are saved for 7 years. Increasingly, our documentation has helped in the defense of medical malpractice claims.
  • Software that tracks on-call schedules to insure patients reach a doctor who can help them.
  • Protocols for handling newborn calls, second requests, and other types of calls which are unique to the practice of medicine. Our protocols were developed by physicians to enhance patient care and streamline doctor-patient communications.
  • Blocked caller ID on cell phones. Doctors receive their messages and can return patient calls without disclosing their personal cell phone numbers.
  • HIPAA compliance. We can provide you with our template third-party agreement that insures confidentiality of Private Health Information, or we'll sign the agreement your practice uses.