For many nonprofit organizations outsourcing functions to a third-party isn’t even an option on the table. When most people hear the word “outsourcing” they immediately think of American jobs being sent overseas however PESC has a different image to paint.

At PESC our outsourcing services and staffing solutions are provided to nonprofits throughout California and beyond. Our client list extends from San Diego to San Francisco and even includes Nevada. Our staff is centrally located in Fresno right in the heart of California. Our staff of over 50 employees includes bookkeepers, IT professionals including web programmers, Executive Directors, employees specializing in grant administration as well as a series of other staff who play a key role in our success.

PESC provides good paying jobs with benefits including health insurance for both full and part-time employees, a 401K and a series of other perks. We have a fast-paced environment that our employees thrive in with a client list that’s equally rewarding.

Outsourcing back office tasks to PESC allows nonprofits to not only save on employment costs in the long term by virtually eliminating and making expensive administrative expansions a thing of the past, but the nonprofit board continues to set the agenda and continues to have the final say and control of their organization.

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