Does Outsourcing Nonprofits Really Make Sense?

Who doesn’t have a tight budget in this economy? Whether your budget is large or small, who isn’t trying to balance the needs of your organization with a tight budget, like a kid playing on a teeter-totter?

Business process outsourcing is a well-known form of outsourcing that involves contracting specific operational functions and responsibilities to another company, such as PESC. As an example, nonprofits find this particularly attractive for routine items such as bookkeeping and accounting, website updates, meeting minutes, board meeting preparation, registration and phone support among other items that really only require a fraction of a full-time employee.

The alternative to hiring and managing a full-time employee includes outsourcing your nonprofit tasks to PESC. We can to handle the administrative functions such as website updates, bookkeeping, technical support, board support, event management and sponsorship management while the volunteers provide the vision and continue opening the doors for new opportunities for the organization.

Business process outsourcing can be a fraction of the cost of having a full-time employee but provides the benefits of top-notch people working on behalf of your nonprofit, immediately. PESC aligns the needs of each of our clients with the core competencies of our staff, while always being mindful of our clients budget.

Let’s face it, finding a person that can wear the hat of a bookkeeper, chairperson, membership manager, web developer, social-media expert all while preparing name badges for your next meeting is pretty difficult, right? There’s hope, and PESC can help.

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