Getting the Message Out

A good association manager goes above and beyond, often taking that extra step for clients and partners. That includes spreading the word when they do something noteworthy, such as winning awards, scoring a big grant or the like.

Writing a press release isn't as easy as one might expect, especially these days. Newspapers are shrinking in size and "news hole" – the amount of space devoted to news stories – is smaller, so getting releases published is harder. More news outlets have substituted online blogs, which increasingly are a repository for such information.

Reporters and editors are more squeezed for time thanks to shrinking staffs. So, it is more important than ever to grab them quickly. Make your headline count. You are delivering news. Don't get flowery and don't over promote your client (a sure way for the release to end up in the trash can). Think like a reporter, and write tight. Our staff includes two former reporters with combined experience of almost 50 years. Their keen eyes review most of our press releases and other forms of correspondence.

Press releases seldom appear in print as originally written, so don't be hurt if they are edited down or rewritten for space and content considerations. Be thankful it was published. Include names and contact information in case the reporter wants more information. And make sure an organization representative is available. Nothing drives a reporter battier than contacts who are mysteriously missing in action.

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