Frequently Asked Questions

“We are a nonprofit group of accountants. Can we utilize your services without the bookkeeping component?”

Absolutely!  PESC is able to customize services to meet the precise needs of clients. Where one client may need web site design and maintenance, another may prefer to manage their own web site but need assistance with their bookkeeping functions and building and retaining membership. PESC not only has years of  experience, but the flexibility to provide services specific to each organization.

“I am a member of a nonprofit professional organization. We are in dire straits because membership is down and people are spread thin. Is there anything your organization can do to help us survive?”

We have a Membership Director and a team of professionals whose expertise is in assisting organizations with problems associated with a dwindling membership base. Years of experience afford us the ability to identify and craft resolutions to problem areas. We know what works and what doesn’t work. We can help plan fundraisers, contact sponsors, update and manage membership lists, plan training and educational opportunities, and much more. We have the resources it takes to assist struggling organizations and provide the support to your busy professionals.

“I want to start a nonprofit trade association and I don’t know the first thing about it. Can PESC help me do that?”

PESC has assisted many groups start from scratch. Trade groups, professional associations – whether they are 501c6 or 501c3 are a specialty of ours. We can walk you through the entire process from choosing a name to acquiring your tax ID number to drafting your articles of incorporation and bylaws. We can also set up your organization with a merchant services account for credit card processing of membership dues and even build a web site for you.

“Our group has a web site that no one has time to update. Plus, it needs a fresh look. Can PESC re-design our web site and maintain it for us?”

We can give your current web site a fresh look and add social media options, such as Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Also, one of our Executive Directors will manage blogs and keep the website information up-to-date. PESC is on the cutting edge and always looking for new and unique ways to give our clients more market exposure. We work hard to learn as much about your organization and industry as possible so that we are able to provide customized service to you.

What type of web services do we offer our clients?

Professional Exchange provides a wide array of web services. One of those involves updating web sites on a routine basis to provide up-to-date information to members and the general public. The task involves pages of coding, reams of information and a knack for detail – all while creating a pleasing, user-friendly site. Professional Exchange supplies various web services to about 50 nonprofits. “We format everything, design it and make it look good,” says Caleb Werner, database administrator. “Jobs can be big or small,” adds Alex Schwenkenberg, information technology and project manager. In some cases, Professional Exchange IT staff completely revamps an entire site, redesigning it to better display what an organization is all about and what it offers.

“We could use some management oversight of our local nonprofit, however, we are part of a national group. Could PESC handle that complication?”

PESC currently has clients who are part of national nonprofit organizations.  We are able to work with them on a regional, chapter or local level and interface with the national group, when necessary. We also manage national organizations headquartered in other States.