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What if I have a problem with my service?

We don't want our clients to suffer in silence. If our service doesn't meet their expectations, we encourage them to let us know. All problems are investigated in a timely manner. We will then follow-up and let clients know what we find. We don't make excuses if the mistakes are ours. Instead, we take steps to prevent future occurrences. Please call us to report problems or use this convenient online form (anonymous reports are not accepted).

Why should I use your service?

  • People call because they want to talk to a human, not a machine. We make it possible.
  • People want the phone to be answered within the first couple of rings. We make it happen.
  • People want answers to their problems. We go the extra mile to help.
  • People don't want to be left on hold. We continuously monitor our performance and strive to improve.
  • People want to be treated courteously and professionally. We make it a priority.

What type of reports do you have?

We track absolutely everything. We can generate reports that show ring, hold, and talk times. We record all calls and we even have screen shots of our operator screens as they’re handling your calls.  The reports show the days and times when calls arrived and the numbers to which they were delivered. These statistics help our clients plan their workloads and help us schedule manpower.

Is your service and technology reliable?

We house an inventory of backup parts for all computer systems. This allows us to repair and maintain our systems with minimal downtime. We also have a 40 KW natural gas generator so operations continue despite power failures.

Our in-house technicians maintain our computer and telecommunications systems. Our software vendors are also able to dial into our system remotely to diagnose and fix any problems that arise. We take every precaution because our goal is reliable service with minimal interruptions.

What happens when my calls ring to your service?

Our answering service system allows us to customize how calls are answered and handled for each client. When forwarded, calls ring in and your instructions are automatically displayed on our Customer Service Representatives' screens. Our Customer Service Representatives see how callers should be greeted and what information to obtain for messages. Message forms are pre-formatted according to your specifications to ensure the delivery of complete information.

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