How do my calls get to your service?

There are several different ways to set this up, and we’re happy to discuss all the options and determine which best fits your needs. 

  • Clients must place call forwarding on the phone lines they want us to answer. There are three kinds of call forwarding:
    • Busy Call Forwarding. If your phone is busy, it automatically forwards to us so we can answer the calls. Your callers will never receive annoying busy signals again.
    • No Answer Call Forwarding. If your phone isn't answered after a predetermined number of rings, it automatically forwards to us so we can answer the calls. This is a great solution for small offices because calls are still answered even if the receptionist needs to step away for a few minutes.
    • Manual Call Forwarding. You manually activate, and deactivate, call forwarding.

We provide clients with a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number to which their phones should be forwarded. If clients choose manual call forwarding, they dial 72# followed by their assigned DID number. To deactivate call forwarding, they dial 73#.

If clients choose Busy Call Forwarding and No Answer Call Forwarding, they should give the DID number we assign them to their phone company. The phone company will permanently call forward their phones to the DID number we provide. Most clients choose these call forwarding services so their calls are answered even if employees forget to forward their lines.

We can provide either a tollfree number or a local number with the area code you choose.  Either of these numbers can then be given to your clients as a way to contact you through our service. 

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