Board Leadership-Look for Doers!

by Matthew Haas, President and Chief Executive Officer

It’s amazing how the dynamics of a Board can change with the addition of just one person. I’ve attended many Board meetings that have had meaning, passion, and maybe most importantly, direction. My personal experience tells me non-profit Boards are typically made up of two types of people - the doers and the talkers. Here’s a short list of things that may help you fill your Board with more doers, less talkers.


The Presidential Election is over and whether we would like to think about it or not, the holidays are just around the corner. While this is the time of year we take inventory of things we’re thankful for, don’t forget about the obligations you may have for your nonprofit organization.

While your organization may have a fiscal yearend other than December 31, this checklist will provide you with a list of things you may still need to consider:

Getting the Message Out

A good association manager goes above and beyond, often taking that extra step for clients and partners. That includes spreading the word when they do something noteworthy, such as winning awards, scoring a big grant or the like.

Writing a press release isn't as easy as one might expect, especially these days. Newspapers are shrinking in size and "news hole" – the amount of space devoted to news stories – is smaller, so getting releases published is harder. More news outlets have substituted online blogs, which increasingly are a repository for such information.