Online Services

We specialize in online technologies that work!

Jose Torres,
IT Manager

The Professional Exchange Service Corporation (PESC) seeks out new technologies to make our clients more agile, efficient, and effective. We are excited about new developments with online technologies and are confident that we can make a positive difference in your organization.


We develop websites that are clean, fast, and functional. With blogs, RSS feeds, and other Web 2.0 tools, we make our clients’ websites more dynamic. To keep our services affordable, we start with free web templates, then customize with content and graphics.

Our clients depend on us to maintain their websites. Every month, we visit our clients’ websites. We remove what’s old and obsolete and add new information. We post meeting flyers and promotional announcements, update contact information, and insure that rosters are accurate.

Online Membership Databases

Online membership databases improve communications and automate membership processes. Members can update their own contact information. Dues renewal notices can be automated. Organizations can track members’ participation at meetings and events and automatically manage members’ website log-ins and passwords. Event registration and payment portals are integrated parts of our online databases.

Online Event Registration

Our online event portal allows people to register and pay for meetings and events. They can also renew their memberships, make donations, and pay for sponsorships and advertising.

We provide our clients with links so they can check on income and attendance at any time. This real-time information makes better planning possible. Headcounts are more accurate, meeting space can be increased or decreased, and costs can be adjusted.

Online Credit Card Processing

Online payment systems are complex. Three separate systems must integrate seamlessly to complete online transactions.

Online payment portal. People enter their credit card information at the initial online payment portal. This portal must meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards. These standards require secure networks and applications that protect cardholder data. Our online payment portal incorporates all 12 technology elements covered in the PCI security standards.

Immediate credit card verification. After entering credit card information into the online payment portal, credit cards must be verified. The online verification checks to make sure the cards are valid and payments won’t exceed the maximum credit limit.

Merchant services processing. The transaction is then routed to merchant services processing. Charges are made to people’s credit cards. Approximately 3 days later, the transactions are deposited directly into our clients’ checking accounts.

Credit card rates and fees will vary depending on how the online payment portal is configured. Our clients benefit from the lowest rates and fees possible.

Online transactions can occur at any time of day or night. Bank deposits for these transactions happen several days later. It can be challenging to track and account for all the different kinds of online transactions. We’ve synchronized our systems and developed reports so online transactions can be properly posted on our clients’ books.

Team up with PESC and see how technology can benefit your organization.