What type of voicemail services do you offer?

We offer an integrated voicemail system with many powerful features and options including:

  • Voicemail transcription. Our Customer Service Representatives can listen to your voicemail messages when they arrive, transcribe them, and send them as an abbreviated text message to your cell phone, wireless device, or email. Clients know immediately who called and why. With a single stroke, they can return the call immediately. Or, they can listen to the entire voicemail message before calling back.
  • Call Cascading. Our voicemail can be configured to call a series of numbers, such as work, cell, and home, until messages are actually delivered. This insures that clients never miss important calls.
  • Follow Me Feature. Before callers can leave a voicemail message, our system will try to reach them on their work, cell, or home numbers. If calls are answered, callers are transferred through without ever realizing they reached voicemail first. If calls are not answered, callers are given the option of leaving voicemail messages.
  • Message Distribution. Voicemail messages can be forwarded to multiple voicemail boxes. Clients can record messages and quickly distribute them to groups of employees, customers, or others who subscribe to our voicemail system.
  • Voicemail "trees." Our voicemail system supports a single voicemail box or complex voicemail trees. It can facilitate business in multiple languages.... "For English, press 1, for Spanish press 2." Or, it can be configured to capture survey responses or a variety of other information.
  • Operator assisted voicemail. Everyone hates voicemail purgatory. Our system allows callers to exit to reach a human who can help them.

Our voicemail system is easy to use and inexpensive to set up.

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