Our marketing and communications team has the tools and experience to ensure you have high email open rates and a marketing plan that maximizes your budget and reach.

Service Features

Marketing Plans

Our team will design and implement your marketing plan that includes a schedule for mass communications, digital and print media. An integrated marketing approach ensures your members receive consistent messaging regardless of the communications platform or channel.


Professionally-produced communications keep your contacts informed and ensures clear and consistent messaging. Our marketing team works with you to develop strategies, tools and a communication schedule that works best for you and your budget.

Design & Print Media

We provide solutions for all your print and electronic publishing needs, while making sure the costs don’t exceed your budget. Our team will work with you to manage the design of all your publications from inception, production and distribution.

Publication Design

Our design services range from laying out regular printed and digital media publications, to the creation of logos, newsletters, brochures and journals. Your publications leave a lasting impression on your members/prospects/donors.

Search Engine Optimization

Finding the right communication channels to engage your contacts is critical to the success of any marketing plan. We study the analytics to understand what your contacts are interested in, where and how to communicate with them and why they are a potential prospect. Our team develops and implements our strategy based on this collection of information.

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