Our IT professionals are constantly seeking out new technologies to make our clients more agile, efficient and effective. In today’s rapidly changing world, we take a proactive approach to ensure your organization is keeping pace with the latest trends that will have a positive impact on your organization.

Service Features

Website Design

We develop websites that are clean, fast, functional, and mobile friendly. Whether it’s RSS feeds, member forums, e-learning or a members only section, we make our clients’ websites more dynamic. We pride ourselves in providing, affordable, cost effective websites using the latest in opensource technologies.

Website Maintenance

Our clients depend on us to maintain their websites with current and relevant content. We regularly review your website, remove old content and update with new information. We check news feeds, job boards, event information and promotional announcements, update contact information, and ensure that rosters and search tools are accurate and working properly.

Online CRM Database

With a web-based CRM database, you no longer have to maintain and manually update your old contact files in Excel. All of your data is stored in one place making you more efficient and knowledgeable. CRM databases improve communications, track data and automate basic tasks such as membership processing, online payments and event registration. Easily track member and donor participation at meetings and events. You are now able to see which emails they are opening and what they are clicking on so you can be more strategic when planning events and developing promotional content. Event registration and payment portals are integrated parts of our online databases.

Online Security

We regularly review and update our clients’ websites to make sure they have the latest security upgrades and technology to ensure your data is protected. All of our websites are encrypted to ensure your clients information is protected and any online payment information remains confidential.

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