Our administrative professionals are empowered with all the tools to handle your email communications, real-time reporting, invoicing, certifications, directory, promotional phone calls, members only section and more.

Service Features

Email Communications

We draft and distribute individual or mass email communications to target audiences. You’re able to see which emails they are opening and what they are clicking on so you can be more strategic when planning events and developing promotional content. Our online systems are configured so your communications reach the intended contact and are not blacklisted as spam.

Promotional Phone Calls

You now have the ability to communicate with your members in a variety of ways. Let your members know about upcoming meetings, conferences, promotions or critical legislative issues via text messaging, pre-recorded or live operator calls.

Real-Time Reporting

Say goodbye to sorting and updating Excel files the next time you need a report. Our CRM database provides up to the second reporting on membership totals, event registration, email communication reports and just about any data you are interested in tracking.

Member Directory

Provide more value to your members with a searchable online directory where the general public can learn more about your individual members and contact them about their services.

Members Only Section

Providing member value and benefits is an important aspect for any organization. Our online members only-section is fully customizable and provides a great resource for your members to access premium content such as news, webinars, newsletters and subscriptions. Access to the premium content is restricted to members with an active/current membership with your organization.

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