Association Management

Marcel Bourdase,
Association Management

The Professional Exchange Service Corporation (PESC) specializes in association management. We put the power of our call center and an outstanding team of administrative employees to work on our clients' behalf. This allows us to offer an unique range of services other companies simply can't provide.

Our clients are business and professional trade associations, political action committees, membership organizations, non-profit foundations, and property owners' associations. We're known for helping new associations get started and reinvigorating associations that were on downhill slides.

Associations are discovering it's easier to operate without their own employees. They can close their one, two, and three-employee offices and outsource staffing functions to us. We assign our employees to serve as their Executive Directors, program managers, and other positions. There are multiple benefits. Associations eliminate the risk of being an employer as well as the cost of workers compensation insurance, salaries, benefits, and payroll taxes. When turnover occurs, we are responsible for recruiting and training new employees. Associations that were used to limited capabilities appreciate the speed and efficiency of our much larger in-house team.

Some of our clients do have employees. In these instances, we work behind the scenes to make the association staff as successful as possible. We assist by handling routine administrative processes like bookkeeping, accounting, payroll processing, and website maintenance.

To succeed, the association management relationship must be a good partnership. We spend time learning about our clients' industries or professions. We study their legislative challenges and learn about their issues. We maintain open lines of communication. We try to exceed their expectations. When we make mistakes, we admit them, fix them, and look for ways to prevent them from happening again.

Our association management services include:

  • Awards - We help our clients submit for state and national awards so that volunteer leaders are recognized for their hard work and efforts.
  • Board relations - We coordinate Board meetings by arranging for locations, sending notices, confirming a quorum, preparing meeting agendas and handouts, taking minutes, and following-up after the meetings adjourn.
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting - Our clients' books are accessible 24/7 in QuickBooks online. We process accounts receivable and accounts payable in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. We reconcile bank statements and produce financial statements to help Board members meet their fiduciary obligations. We also enforce our clients' accounting policies and procedures, especially when it comes to expense reimbursements for employees and volunteers.
  • Budgeting - We assist our clients with preparation and monitoring of annual budgets. On a regular basis, we advise if projections of income or expenses are off so clients can make adjustments if necessary. Our goal is to help our clients end each fiscal year in the black.
  • Communication - We draft and distribute communications to Boards and committees, or entire memberships and target audiences. We handle large and small mailings and Email broadcasts. Our online systems are configured so we don't get blacklisted as spammers.
  • Compliance - We maintain our clients' corporate records like articles of incorporation, bylaws, meeting minutes, and key contracts with vendors. We also make all necessary state and federal filings to insurance compliance with governmental requirements.
  • Continuing Education - We handle continuing education processes and procedures for our clients. We administer continuing education for architects, physicians, and insurance agents. We are always looking to expand our expertise with education so we can serve other categories of professionals.
  • Credit Card Processing - We set up merchant services accounts for our clients to facilitate online credit card processing. Credit cards can be used to pay for membership dues, meeting registrations, sponsorships, advertising, or donations.
  • Dues Billing - We prepare and process annual dues renewal statements as well as manage monthly dues paid by credit card or auto-checking account withdrawal.
  • Finance & Banking - We assist clients with financial management and policies for reserves. We arrange for bank accounts and bank services such as debit cards and online bill paying to maximize efficiency and minimize volunteers' out-of-pocket expenditures.
  • Insurance - We help our clients obtain general liability and Directors and Officers insurance coverage.
  • Institutional Memory - Many of our clients have been with us for years. We serve as their institutional memory and provide continuity between in-coming and out-going Board members.
  • Legislative Advocacy - We work with clients' lobbyists to help associations support, oppose, and monitor legislation. We coordinate grassroots legislative activities and facilitate constituent communication with elected representatives. We organize annual "day at the capitol" legislative conferences and help attendees make appointments with their legislators.
  • Meetings & Events - We handle all aspects of event planning and management for conferences, trade shows, golf tournaments, fund raisers, and other events.
  • Meeting Facility in Fresno - Clients can use our Fresno conference room free of charge. The room seats up to 50, contains audio-visual equipment, and includes a full kitchen so meals can be catered.
  • Membership Management - We maintain membership databases which are the backbone for dues billing, membership recruitment, and retention. We help clients develop strategies for growing their memberships.
  • Newsletters - We help clients write and produce printed or electronic newsletters. We assist with solicitation of ads, management of advertising contracts, layout and design, copywriting and editing, and distribution.
  • Online Technology - We develop and maintain websites for our clients and help them learn how to blog. We produce electronic newsletters and coordinate webinars. We coordinate online advertising programs and spearhead advertising sales. We offer online credit card processing and event registration and build custom-designed intranets to automate manual processes.
  • Operational Audits - We encourage our clients to conduct an annual operational audit as a routine practice. We have inherited clients from association management firms that were struggling to perform. It can take a year or more to reverse the damage that's caused by administrative neglect. By reviewing the quality of administrative services on an annual basis, clients will be able to detect and fix problems before they have a major detrimental impact. [insert operational audit here]
  • Payroll Processing, Timekeeping, & Personnel Administration Online - We help associations set up online timekeeping and payroll processing, and personnel administration. This streamlines time-consuming manual processes and provides better documentation of compliance with wage and hour labor laws.
  • Phone Number & Phone Answering - We provide our clients with a toll-free number that is answered 24/7. Members can call for information about programs and services at their convenience.
  • Promotional Phone Calls - Email is becoming a less reliable way to communicate with members. Messages are getting lost in the clutter or intercepted by spam filters. We now call our clients' memberships to let them know about upcoming meetings and conferences or to urge them to look for Emails about critical legislative issues. Clients report significant increases in attendance as a result of these promotional phone calls.
  • Property Management - We contract with vendors to maintain common areas. We provide a 24/7 on-call service so after-hours emergencies can be handled.
  • Public & Media Relations - We help develop and implement public and media relations programs. We assist clients with online media monitoring and publicity through PRNewswire and custom designed online tools that facilitate communication with the news media.
  • Sponsorships & Non-Dues Revenues - We work with clients to prepare sponsorship packages and help with sponsor solicitation. We also work to expand affinity and advertising programs. We are highly motivated to help our clients increase their non-dues revenues. We know our clients must be financially viable so they can afford our services.
  • Strategic planning - We facilitate strategic planning and try to help our clients stay on track to achieve their goals and objectives.

The more you turn over to us, the less administrative busy work you have to deal with!

Compensation Arrangements

Our services are priced in two ways: (1) on a per-project basis; or (2) flat monthly fee.

We wouldn't still be in business if our employees had extra time on their hands. For that reason, we prefer to base our services on a flat monthly fee where the needed level of manpower is a known quantity. On occasion, depending on workloads and volumes, we may decide to provide services on a per-project basis. We encourage our clients to plan ahead and let us know if extra projects are on the horizon so we can plan accordingly. We caution, however, that we may need to decline special projects if we don't have additional manpower available.

When we base services on a flat monthly fee, we take an average of manpower needs over a 12-month period. In some months, we'll provide more than the allotted manpower hours for which clients are paying. In other months, we'll provide less than the allotted hours of manpower. Manpower requirements average out over time.