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What is encryption & how does it work? 

The practice of protecting sensitive information with codes and ciphers is thousands of years old. Today, it’s a technical art form that secures digital data that is being sent, received or stored.



5 WordPress accessibility tools to improve clients’ websites

As web designers and developers, we have a lot of important objectives — from making sure a website is mobile and desktop friendly, to ensuring it is fast, looks good, and is user friendly. However, an important aspect that can often be overlooked is finding the right WordPress accessibility tools.



Celebrating LGBTQ entrepreneurs during Pride Month and beyond

In 2014, Robbi Katherine Anthony (who goes by RKA) felt like she had nowhere to turn for help. She had just come out as transgender and was urgently seeking support and resources. But the traditional, in-person support groups were a dead end for RKA — she found the members to be unhelpful and unkind.



Marcel Bourdase

Looking Back At A Wild And Crazy 2020 And The Road Ahead

Around Christmas of 2019, I started hearing about the possibility of a viral outbreak in China that experts in the medical community were keeping a close eye on. As 2020 began, employees around our office were aware of the Coronavirus, but we never anticipated what was right around the corner. 



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