Call Center Solutions - Answering Service - Virtual Receptionist

The Professional Exchange Service Corporation (PESC) provides a variety of powerful call center services and applications in the United States of America. We are continuously upgrading our hardware and software to insure faster and more efficient, cutting edge service. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are trained and monitored to insure quality customer service. Call center operations are supported around the clock by our outstanding, in-house Information Technology team.

Our calls are recorded and monitored digitally and audibly to insure superior customer service. We can determine talk time, ring time and hold time of each call. Our system also tracks where and how information was delivered. Detailed call reports help us to manage and schedule manpower. This also aides our clients in assessing activity levels over selected time periods.

Governmental Customer Service Center

City agencies utilize our call center to handle inquiries about water, sewer, garbage, and other municipal problems. A CSRs will initiate a trouble tickets in real-time on Web-based intranets. City employees are able to use the same intranets to enter progress reports. We are able to let constituents know what's happening with their complaints if they call again.

Business Customer Service Center

Our CSRs use the Internet or intranet to provide answers to routine customer service questions like, "What's my health savings account balance?"

Information and Referral Services

We operate regional, statewide, and nationwide information and referral services for organizations, foundations, and governmental agencies. We build customized Web applications to guide our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) through information gathering and referral processes. Our CSRs enter callers' data directly into the Web application to give our clients real-time access to information and reports.

Outbound Event Promotion Calls

With all the spam and junk mail, invitations to important meetings and events can get lost. When we call to let people know about meetings or events, attendance increases significantly. You can even record your message, similar to a voicemail, and we'll distribute the message to your entire contact list! This is a great way to utilize your volunteer or paid staff time while allowing the person that connects best with your organization, the speaker, the president or the person that would give your event the most promotion and best bang for its buck.

24/7 Order Processing

In conjunction with clients' websites, our CSRs take calls and process orders. Orders can be relayed via FAX, Email, intranet, or phone. If clients have online payment portals, our CSRs will enter data online enabling callers to make credit card payments online 24 hours a day.

Do our prices for these services fit within your budget? Use our online quoting system to get an estimate. If the online estimate fits your budget, we hope that you will submit a request for proposal online or call us direct to get a firm quote and further information.