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Membership Pro Tip: A Year in Review

The end of another year is at hand. Wait, didn’t we just do this? It feels like it’s been 12 seconds, not 12 months. That didn’t stop anyone from giving great membership advice, though. Here are some examples.



Looking for Sponsor Dollars? Try These Two Hot Areas

While corporate budgets for some types of sponsorship declined during the pandemic, funding to support diversity and sustainability programming has flourished, experts say. Associations can more easily find opportunities to partner with sponsors in these areas.



Good Reads You Might Have Missed: Generation Z

For associations looking to reach the next generation of members, it helps to understand the landscape—and understand that the landscape is not a monolith.

It feels like just yesterday that we couldn’t get away from talking about millennials—and now the hype around Generation Z feels like déjà vu.



Meetings Pro Tip: Don’t Let Go of Virtual Events Just Yet

Despite virtual events being less common before the pandemic, recent research shows that remote meetings are gaining in popularity—because more people have had a chance to try the experience.



How to Give Your Industry Partners the Value They Need

Associations hoping to build value for their members may want to look closely at the experience their industry partners have—because it can have an impact on their members too.

Associations tend to mostly focus on their members. But do they need to give their industry partners more attention?



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