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3 Ways to Win the Technology Tug of War

In a digital-first era, how do organisations show customers they care?

Ross Daniels at Calabrio has a simple but effective checklist to humanise the customer experience using the latest tech innovations.



What are the different types of call center software and how to choose the best for your business?

As your business becomes larger, it’s easy to assume that, at some point, you have to sacrifice the personalized customer service that you used to provide.



Government and Public Sector Adoption of Cloud Technologies

Thomas John at Five9 questions whether the COVID pandemic has sped up government and public sector adoption of cloud technologies.

In a word: YES!

Perhaps the only major benefit of the COVID-19 pandemic is the accelerated pace of digital transformation and cloud technology adoption.



10 Ways to Improve Call Centre Sales Training

While a call centre’s primary purpose is delivering the best possible customer service, part of that equation should also include effectively generating sales. After all, high-level customer service interactions allow you to identify what a customer wants and presents the opportunity to sell them exactly what they need.



Better, Not More: The New Rules of Content Marketing

Getting a stronger understanding of your audience needs—and the content your organization is already producing—can help you focus your content marketing approach, says strategist Hilary Marsh.



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